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Cartoons by Cromartie

Who or What Is MrCromartie1989?

30,515 views 1 year ago
Find out by subbing. http://bit.ly/RuBMge I make all sorts of crazy animations with my ensemble of original female characters.

Featured Cartoons in This Video:
Kay and Marion:In SPACE:http://goo.gl/5MyFP
The Big Wash:Plum:http://goo.gl/2St1k
The Big Wash:Circlette:http://goo.gl/0NJb9
The Dogfather:https://vimeo.com/6732041
Christmas Malley 2012:http://goo.gl/8qKGg
Jypsie's Clothing Inflation:http://goo.gl/OunlZ
Young Mai Clothing Inflation:http://goo.gl/g8E8c
Unfinished "Gaston" Parody.
Rhythm Heaven Parody:Kitchen Fire:http://goo.gl/gbq3E
Balloon Toons:Nintendo Week:Xenoblade Chronicles:http://goo.gl/toUvs

You can follow me behind the scenes on
DONATE (thank you!):http://bit.ly/Sq950Q

For collaborations and business inquiries, please contact via Channel Pages: http://ChannelPages.com/MrC... Show less
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Balloon Toons Season 2

The continuation of the series with an inflatable twist.

Balloon Toons Season 1 Play

My popular, short-lived animated series of weekly episodes from 2012. Consisted of parody, narrative, and slapstick with an inflatable twist.

Plum Play

Teenage valley girl, and the face of this channel. Typically finds herself in bizarre, embarrassing situations.
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