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MovieMowDown on Patreon!

3,754 views 3 months ago
(This is not an April Fool's video)

Good News! I have made a Patreon.

I have been working on Blue Spy since I was at college and now I must say, it has really escalated in to something. Now it is about time, for it to become even bigger.

Effective immediately, I am forming a production team to create more Blue Spy, faster and better than ever before. We are talking Animators, Voice Actors and Artists; but to hire them, we will need money.

To help us make Blue Spy 20% cooler, all you need to do is to donate an amount of your choosing per video (If in doubt put a limit on the maximum you donate). Soon you will eventually notice a budget improvement on the production of our videos, and you will also notice a predetermined reward coming your way. But don't worry; regardless on whether you donate or not, Blue Spy will still be made. (For more info, read the goal section)

While the next Blue Spy Episode is in production, we will fill the void with a few other kinds of videos; all for your viewing pleasure. This will include stuff like behind the scenes extras and animated shorts; even the eventual trailer for the on coming episode (In other words there will be more than Blue Spy).

So sit back and enjoy more shiney videos in the future, and thanks for watching. Show less
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The epic saga of a spy looking for his little pony (Rarity). It is a crossover between Team Fortress 2 and My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic (and many other fandoms).
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