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Cultivating Focus in a fast-paced world: Daniel Goleman

809 views 6 months ago
Daniel Goleman developed guided audio exercises to help people of all ages enhance their attention - today's scarcest resource and the secret to high performance and fulfillment. Goleman draws on the latest psychological and neurological research to create practical methods to help people increase attentiveness, stay calm under pressure, and bolster key emotional intelligence skills such as empathy and self-awareness. Learn more about the audio series at morethansound.net.

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Bridging Hearts & Minds of Youth Conference 2012 Play

Bridging Hearts and Minds of Youth: Mindfulness in Clinical Practice, Education and Research is the first conference of its kind to assemble professionals from various disciplines involved with bringing mindfulness to children and teens.

For more information about the conference and the video series visit http://www.morethansound.net/youth.php.

The conference was co-created by the UCSD Center for Mindfulness and Stressed Teens.

UCSD Center for Mindfulness

Stressed Teens
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