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Lone Soul

PC Gaming Compilation 3 [HD 60p] [and trysr]

144 views 8 months ago
This thing...
This thing took about a year, believe it or not. And not because it was so complex, but because I'm so lazy and I was procrastinating through most of it. But it's finally done.

Music: Kevin Macleod - Who Likes to Party

Remember to leave a like for poops and giggles :3
PC Specs: On channel page.
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Castle Crashers Playthrough w/ Mel0nz Play

My co-op playthrough of Castle Crashers with Mel0nz (http://www.youtube.com/user/trysr)

Far Cry 3 Playthrough Play

My playthrough of Far Cry 3 on PC.
NOTE: Does not include finale due to copyright issues. There are a plenty of sources to view the finale on Youtube, if you wish to view it alone.
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