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Welcome to Missing Pieces

3,649 views 7 years ago
This is an intro to my company Missing Pieces and what it does. Used as a headliner for the website: http://Missing-Pieces.com

Took out the doorbell at the beginning of the earlier version because people kept getting up to go answer their door! So they missed the video!! D'oh!

Tom D'Alimonte
Missing Pieces
Nashua, NH Show less
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Survival of the Fittest - Got Caveman? Play

Great Canadian 'Got Milk' commercials! Why don't we get these in the US?

Perpetuating the myth that cavemen and dinosaurs co-existed at the same time. Not!

But great anyways!

Fantasia 1940 - The Rite of Spring Play

Disney's take on the evolution of life on Earth, from the formation of the solar system, to the end of the Dinosaurs!
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