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Welcome to Minsooky!

1,833 views 10 months ago
Hello, and welcome to my Youtube channel, Minsooky!

Minsooky is an extension of my beauty blog, located at http://www.minsooky.net/. I mainly post reviews about skin and makeup products there, along with tidbits of my day-to-day life (warning: usually geeky)...

But THIS Youtube channel is dedicated to tutorials and tips & tricks that benefit more from a video than a blogging format :3

I mainly focus on Asian beauty trends, theatrical makeup, and geeky and kawaii stuff, so if you're into that too, let's be friends! Hit the subscribe button to get instant updates when I upload a new video.

And of course, check out my blog too if you wish ^_^

Be seeing you!

~ Minsooky

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  • Grunge Glam Makeup

    • 6 days ago
    Hello~ Today I created a makeup look inspired by grunge glam...basically a modern take on the messy smokey eyes and matte/dark 90s lips that were popular during the grunge era. I made it more mode...
  • My Daily Makeup Routine | 데일리 메이크업

    • 1 week ago
    Hello~ Today's video is about my daily makeup routine. Whenever I do wear makeup, this is what I usually wear because it's easy, simple, and makes me look "made up" without putting in much effort....
  • Gemini Makeup Tutorial | ZODIAC SERIES

    • 2 weeks ago
    Welcome to my 6th installment of my Makeup of the Zodiac series, this time featuring Gemini. Information about this look and where to watch my other Zodiac makeup looks down below ↓↓↓

  • Newww Makeup Giveaway! Win the new Elf Luxe Brush set ^_^ (re-upload)

    • 2 weeks ago
    Woohoo, now over 3,000 subscribers! ^_^ To celebrate, I'm holding a new makeup giveaway on a product ELF just released - their Luxe Brush Set. To see the full review of this product, click this l...
  • e.l.f. Studio Luxe Brush Collection Review + GIVEAWAY! | #elfhaulgirls

    • 3 weeks ago
    Hello! Today's video is a review on a new limited edition brush set just released by ELF, called the ELF Studio Luxe Brush Collection. This brush set was released as part of their 10th birthday a...
  • Rorschach Skull Makeup

    • 3 weeks ago
    Wow I have absolutely no clue how to spell rorschach. Failfailfail. But here is my video for this week - a rorschach-inspired skull makeup design :) Inspired by the rorschach inkblot test, not t...
    • CC

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Get creative! Check out the creative makeup looks I've done for this channel.

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My first makeup series, MAKEUP OF THE ZODIAC, is my personal interpretation of each sign brought to life.

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Videos on my personal life with some Vlogs here and there :)
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