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Hellsing - Alucard Sings Deadshot Daiquiri Jingle

1,056 views 3 years ago
A random Hellsing AMV with a Perk-A-Cola Jingle from Call Of Duty: Black Ops.
"To error is human, to forgive is divine. Well I'm not forgiving and the error ain't mine! They ain't quite human, least their not to my eyes. One sip of this and I'll give them the shock of their lives! (Yeah) We got the guns and we got the bombs! In Deadshot Heaven, we pop skulls for fun! Zero in baby. Zero on that spot, the hot spot baby - give it all you got! So quit complaining, about your bad aiming. Just try, try again for me. With the headshot power of Deadshot Daiquiri!"

PS- Deadshot Daiquiri has the power to center your sights on the targets head instead of their center of mass when you Aim Down Sight aka ADS. What advantage does this Perk give the player? EASIER HEADSHOTS = EASIER ZOMBIE KILLS WHICH MEANS MORE POINTS TO BUY STUFF. Show less
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PURE, UNTAMED, UNCENSORED - METAL!!! Different kinds too. Thrash, Black, Death, Power, Classic, Heavy, Gothic, Folk, ect. Multi-language *although most are in English* from multiple different countries around the world. Prepare for the best time of you otherwise meaningless lives... We've taken over, now we do whatever the fuck we want. Lay down your souls to the gods of Metal and - LETS MOOOOOSH! \m/

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