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Ming Jong Tey

Expand Business Online And Generate 100s++ Leads Every Day

143 views 6 months ago
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Would you love to expand your business online and generate 100s++ leads every day?

You are in the right place because you will discover the current working traffic techniques to drive tons of targeted visitors to your websites.

You will also find out how to leverage on SEO, list building, social media marketing and advanced content marketing strategies to build up your brand and to reach massive targeted prospects.

Subscribe to my channel now and chat with me in the comment section below!

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How To Create A Website - Essential Tutorials Play

New to blogging or creating your first website?

Watch the tutorial videos to take you step by step from

1. Buying the domain,
2. Register the hosting with discount
3. Pointing the DNS to your hosting account.
4. Creating your first post!
5. And a lot more ...

Niche & Keyword Research | Competition Analysis Techniques Play

Before you pick a product and start the heavy marketing process, you will need to know if there is money in the market so that we can take a piece of cake.

Also, how to do the proper keyword research to find out the buyer keywords and check the competition to make sure we can spend the least amount of effort to get the most.

Watch the videos and let me show you various ways to do niche / market research with these awesome websites!

Powerful SEO And Backlinking Tools, Techniques And Tips Play

Watch the videos to understand how I tap on these powerful SEO and backlinking tools to gain an edge in the SEO game.

Extra techniques and tips for advanced SEO are included.

Ming Jong Tey Podcast Play

New to Ming Jong Tey podcast? Subscribe on iTune for free - https://itunes.apple.com/sg/podcast/ming-jong-tey-podcast-ge­nerate/id712843902 so that you won't miss any episodes that are packed with currently working ninja marketing techniques.
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