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Androcefalo Channel

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eL AndrocefaLo is a Cultural music project spanning the last Seven years, which we are working to visualize as a short documentary. Mirko Lamonte is a craft musician from South-america who is pouring his soul into these songs- multilingual, multi-instrumental, poly-cultural and far out in the vision of a new future for planet Earth. We have released 3 full albums and Three EPs. A search for "eL Androcefalo" as well as "Mildewsound" will find you much of our Entire work.

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Si yo tendria que filtrar todo en pensamientos y sentimientos profundos y en un solo filme de pelicula ese seria "EL VIAJE" la Última obra (y la mejor) de Fernando "Pino" Solanas. Resumen argumental: Martín vive en Tierra del Fuego con su madre y con su padrasto. Desde allí emprende un viaje por Latinoamérica en busca de su padre. En el largo trayecto descubre las carencias y los sueños de todo un continente. La Aventura de ser jovenes.

Meet Michael D'spacio Play

" The economy will not create jobs for us, it is we who must define our new roles in society, and begin fulfilling public functions which dignify our roles as human. When we begin serving each other in meaningful ways, we may expect to be supported in turn. It is a complete reevaluation which must occur, one which is not driven by wall street, but driven by our own passions for life, and the creations we came here to see " Michael D'spacio on Fertile Underground

The Bolivian Revolution Play

Hi! my name is Mirko "inca" Lamonte, Welcome to the Mildewsound Channel. This YouTube site was designed to keep you guys in touch with the band, Their gigs and new videos. Please now enjoy.
Authorized: Please Assimilate and be Aware. ''Integration'' socially, is no good for either sides. ''Integration'' ultimately will destroy the White Race... and at the same time destroying all Colored Races. - Mirko ''inca'' Lamonte -
I never did like being called Latino even before I knew of my heritage...intuitively I must have known it felt out of place. I'd rather just identify as Belize-an. I relate more with my Kekchi Mayan ancestry than Spanish or anything else; I grew up in the Americas after all. =)
Androcefalo introducing everyone to Elvis, Manuel Lujan R.I.P., Jim Morrison, Alfa y Omega and more baby... much, much more....
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