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  • the graphics, very revolutionary (of course thats D3D10), but gameplay? not much imho..

    nVidia G80 Flyover

    Longer video of Crysis on the G80
  • this song is entitled "The Moon Represents My Heart/Yue Liang Tai Piow Wo Te Shin", a song by Teresa Teng, which has been popularized by so many people, the F4 guy, someone here in the philippines and many others..


    An anonymous Chinese girl plays her guitar and sings her own sweet rendition of the Chinese classic.

    NOTE: This girl is NOT ME. For more information on the song (including tabs) go here: http://...
  • its out of synch? and unless my senses are decieveing me, she plays it faster than li jie..

    Su Meng Paganini Caprice no 24

    Su Meng tocando en concierto
    More HERE http://moderacionesgt.notlong.com/
  • honga! wala sinabi mga bagong banda ngayon! hutena! mas magaling pa old skul

    Eraserheads- Maskara

    Copyright SONY/BMG Philippines

    Eraserhead's last music video with Ely Buendia?
    Support OPM
    This video came from Carbon Steroexide album. Buy it and it comes with behind the scenes/the making of.
  • Why can't we give love that more chance?

    Perfect! Absolutley incredible!

    Under Pressure

    Live at Wembley
  • ok.. galing! simple yet awesome.. mejo mali lang yung gitarang gamit.. hehe..

    TeSLa Guitar Pieces

    Spanish Ballad - Anonymous
  • whoa.. behold! the grandmaster..!

    Segovia... variaciones

    From 1930 or thereabouts.
  • GTX 512? or 256?

    2x 7800GTXs

    Benchmark in aquamark with two 7800gtxs
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