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Producing Youtubes Weirdest Shit Since 2005

CandleMass - Death Magic Doom (2009) Play

1. If I Ever Die
2. Hammer Of Doom
3. The Bleeding Baroness
4. Demon Of The Deep
5. House Of 1000 Voices
6. Dead Angel
7. Clouds Of Dementia
8. My Funeral Dreams

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[edit] Slayerium
Extremely Dangerous. Forms during a season in the abyss, somewhere south of heaven. You can know Slayerium is available when the sky is full of Raining Blood. Causes subject to become bald and gain markings on their exposed skull, believe God Hates us All, Await for Hell (or vice-versa), and having Insane Eyes. Apart from the aforementioned reactions, overusage can cause subject to grow extra faces, to be exact, Seven Faces. Usage is considered 'Criminally Insane'.
Hate to admit it, but St Anger has grown on me. Its seems everything Metallica's done fits whatever mood your in, there the first thing you can pop in.
Angry - St Anger
Adrenaline - Master Of Puppets, Kill 'Em All
Fear - Ride the Lighting, Black Album
Confusion - Load, Reload
Fucking Crazy - Master of Puppets, Ride the lightning, Kill 'Em All, .....And Justice for All
Cruisin' - Black Album, Load, Reload, Master of Puppets, ....And Justice for All
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