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Mighty No.9 - Beck's Beginning

34,145 views 10 months ago
For those unaware, Mighty No.9 is a new, ambitious project by Keiji Inafune, legend in the video game industry and "father" of many franchises including Dead Rising, Onimusha, and perhaps most importantly, Mega Man. Funding for the project began August 31st, with it reaching its initial goal of $900,000 at 11:19 A.M. EST on September 2nd.

As anyone can see, this project embodies the spirit of the Blue Bomber we know and love. The team behind this project is comprised of Inafune himself, along with an all-star cast of Mega Man alumni. It's no secret that the Mega Man franchise has been rather neglected as of late, so many consider Beck a successor to Rock.

To reflect these feelings, Tumbler user, "All things Shwei" drew a very touching comic strip in which Beck is given the blessing of all the Mega Men. I enjoyed the comic so much, that I decided to "animate" it to appropriate music, one of my favorite Mega Man tunes, the ending theme of Mega Man X5. I think it fits wonderfully and multiplies the feelings. I hope you enjoy. =,)

All credit for the artwork goes to http://shwlg.tumblr.com/ - check him out! Show less
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