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We Looked Like Giants - Death Cab for Cutie [Cover]

186 views 3 months ago
Im back! I had an incredible urge to play this old favourite of mine, and I ended up liking what came out. For those of you who like talking about music production, Ill mention that Im experimenting with my music flow lately. I've decided that from here on I'm going to uh, yolo it a bit I guess, and try different techniques to experiment and learn and not be terrified to show you guys the results. When I arrange a song or cover, I usually track it all "rough", and go back and do good versions of what I did. Kind of like making a thumbnail sketch. But with this track, I ended up keeping a lot more of the "rough" tracks than I originally intended because the more I listened to it, the more the rough sound grew on me. Oh well.
Im also experimenting with different mixing and mastering techniques. I figure there's no way to get better than putting SOMETHING out, so hopefully this can still be fun.
Sorry for my absence. But Im here now. With lots of good things coming. Let me know what you think! I've always loved this song and hope you like what I did with it!

Electric Guitar: Gibson Explorer
Bass: Ibanez Soundgear 505bm
Acoustic Guitar: Fender T-Bucket 300CE
Microphone: Apex 415
Tones and Interface: Pod X3 Show less
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