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Fallout: New Vegas - Part 1 - "Puddy"

395 views 1 year ago
We wake up from a coma and talk to a random doctor. Show less
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LP#6 Fallout: New Vegas Play

My favorite game of all time. A post-apocalyptic adventure through the Mojave desert, starting in a shanty town just inside the border of California and (hopefully) finishing in a post-nuclear war Vegas strip. This Let's Play is designed to be the most in-depth commentated playthrough of the game that exists. (That's the aim anyway.) I am trying to structure the playthrough in a certain way, so that I don't have to re-visit most areas in the game. Hopefully the almost 2 years of effort I have put into this series will pay off, and make the experience smooth and entertaining.

The Sunday Puddcast Play

A podcast with a bloody history. First it began during a large community venture known as Project Synergy UK, it was an attempt to bring that large group together for discussion with two of my closer Youtube friends: Tanner Hannum and Callum Dean. After PSUK disbanded we brought the podcast onto our newer en-devour The Round Table. It was there we encountered the most problems and the venture ended with the internet death of our friend Tanner. After The Round Table was dismantled I made a decision to move the podcast (now the Puddcast) onto my channel, replacing Tanner with another close friend of mine: Marshall Peterson (aka theeventhorizonX).

LPs in Review Play

A series where I take games that I have LPed and review them in a more short-form and organised manner.
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