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The Irregular Show: Episode 4

498,828 views 2 years ago
The long-awaited fourth installment and my magnum opus is FINALLY HERE! Man, I feel like a new man with this poop and I'm very glad with what I got. This is also the first poop I rendered in 720p and used After Effects in. Anywho, hope you all enjoy this megapoop!
00:00 - 09:14 )- "The Jailbreak"
The fumball machine, Spartwi Lighkle, and the strangling guy try to break out of Robotnik's prison. Meanwhile, the slackers do the unthinkable and impossible. The part with Wario World was for Chaofanatic's Treasure Collab and I highly recommend any poopers to join it. There's the thread to it on YouChew: http://youchew.net/forum/in...
09:15 - 12:14 )- "Regulating Hands"
A YTPMV I did as a celebration for reaching 5K subscribers and also my entry for theadventuretimefan's blue jai and kap'n rig-q collab. I was going to cover the beats, but my laptop kept screwing things up so I gave up and went with what I already covered.

Credits/Special Thanks:
Chaofanatic - For animating the Dentank in my entry for his collab
Geibuchan - Special effects locating/help
PCHU13/Radiarc - For letting me use his music. Go check him out, he's a pretty great composer
GreatBritishTurd - For originally starting the Luna punching gag
LittleshyFIM - Pony greenscreens
PHPDubKings - The source at 5:43

00:00 The Planet Is Dead (OCRemix)
00:33 Crisis City - Sonic '06
00:44 AOSTH Robotnik's Theme Remix - ProudOne
00:59 Danger Afoot - Super Mario Galaxy
01:22 Nega-Wisp Armor Phase 1 - Sonic Colors
01:51 Chaos Arranged - Radiarc (PCHU13)
02:04 Egg Emperor - Sonic Generations (3DS)
02:32 Metal Sonic Battle - Sonic 4: Episode 2
03:20 0² Battle - Super Smash Bros. Brawl
03:42 Over The Hills And Far Away - Nightwish (Sped up by 200%)
04:09 Pre-Hibernation - Panthera
04:28 Title Screen - Sonic CD (JP)
04:34 Final Boss Theme - Wario World
04:37 Magolor Phase 2 - Kirby's Return To Dreamland
04:58 Party Rock National Anthem mixed with Back to Mad
05:07 Porky's Theme - Mother 3
05:28 Like A Boss - The Lonely Island
05:33 Rabbit's Theme - David Lynch
05:45 Professional Griefers - Deadmau5
05:52 Special Stage Clear - Sonic The Hedgehog
06:01 Chemical Plant Zone (Modern) - Sonic Generations
06:03 Former Friends - Radiarc (PCHU13)
06:24 Time - Hans Zimmer
06:49 Planet Wisp Act 1 - Sonic Colors
06:56 The Lonely Man
07:48 O' Fortuna (Pitched up)
08:18 Nega-Wisp Armor Phase 1 - Sonic Colors
08:44 Way Of A Ninja - Naruto Shippuden
08:51 In The Darkness - Super Paper Mario
09:15 Holding Hands - Unicorn Kid Show less
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    The long-awaited fourth installment and my magnum opus is FINALLY HERE! Man, I feel like a new man with this poop and I'm very glad with what I got. This is also the first poop I rendered in 720p a...
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