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Gordon Goes To Work - A Short Film

148,309 views 5 years ago
Gordon heads off to a bright, new day on the job at the Black Mesa Research Facility.

I originally made this video several years ago for the Half-Life Improvement Team forum. However, I have since lost the original file. Thus, I decided to create this enhanced director's cut version in high definition that I feel better fits my original vision.

This was recorded in the mod Azure Sheep using custom models by Ambient.Impact and Romka. Thug voice clips are from Xatrix Entertainment's Kingpin: Life of Crime. Note the situation depicted here is not canon as it is known that Gordon actually lived in the dormitories within the complex itself. Show less
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Obscure First Person Shooters Play

The premise is simple: I search YouTube for videos pertaining to lesser-known first person shooter games. If the results are remarkably lacking, either in number or in quality, I record something of my own and upload it. Hopefully you'll see something here that you haven't before.
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