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Beached Az "De-Evolved"

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In this brand new episode of cult-comedy series 'Beached Az' Whale gets philosophical and ponders his evolutionary history! Encouraged by the Seagull, Whale attempts to 'de-evolve', grow back his legs and walk off the beach.

Beached Az 'De-Evolved' is inspired by the Australian National Maritime Museum's 'Whale Season' - an exciting 6 month program of international exhibitions, events and programs all about whales! Show less
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Our knowledge of the Viking world has changed with recent archaeological discoveries and new interpretation. Vikings challenges our picture of the Viking Age with an in-depth look at their family, community, homes, worship, crafts and culture.

Exclusive season at the Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour
Opens 19 September 2013 - tickets available from Ticketek http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=VIKINGS


100 Stories from the Australian National Maritime Museum Play

This story provides a glimpse into the Australian National Maritime Museum's publication 100 Stories. These intimate tales provide a fascinating insight into the museum collection that has been growing over the past 21 years. Selected from a collection of over 100 thousand objects, they show the nature and diversity of the museum and its continuing aspiration of understanding, interpreting and engaging with our rich maritime history and culture.
Buy the soft cover book from the museum's store or download the ibook from the ibookstore.
For more information, visit http://www.anmm.gov.au/100stories

Australian National Maritime Museum Play

The Australian National Maritime Museum's vision is to explore and manage maritime heritage in ways that enlighten, inspire and delight people everywhere.
Australians are closely linked to the sea through commerce, defence, exploration, adventure, sport and play. Our oceans and waterways have influenced our development, and who we are.
The Australian National Maritime Museum captures these themes with fascinating artifacts, lively exhibitions, exhibition programs, fun activities, and even the chance to board ships and experience life on the water. Over 500,000 people visited the museum in 2009-10 and was named among the 12 'coolest museums' in the world by the British Sunday Times.
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