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Fu Instructional DVD's

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Now available: Fu Style Ba Gua Zhang Instructional DVD's
Vintage instruction from Lin Chao Zhen, Closed door disciple of Fu Style creator, Fu Zhen Song.
These DVD's were made from the original VHS tapes, self-produced back in 1993. While there are some glitches, the instruction is clear. There is a voice over by his son, Wai Ran Lin. Most of the sets are taught from 3 angles and others repeated in slow motion.
1. Fu Style Basics, Single Ba Gua and Yang Ba Gua
2. Tiger (Tou Tang Chuan) and Leopard (Bao Chuan) forms and Yin Ba Gua
3. Ba Gua Zheng Zhong (Orthodox Ba Gua) This set is said to only have been taught to Lin Chao Zhen from Fu Zhen Song which was said to have been taught to him by his teacher Chia Feng Ming, disciple of Dong Hai Chuan, Ba Gua's founder.
4. Liang Yi Chuan
5. Dragon Ba Gua, Ba Gua Push Hands.
6. Whirlwind Broadsword and Four Face Spear
7. Flying Dragon Sword.
8. Fu Style Tai Chi Chuan.

Each Disk is $50. Add $5.00/disk for shipping and handling.
Buy all 8 for $350 + Shipping and Handling, get one for free.
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