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Exposing APT1 Leads to New Acceptance of Targeted Cyber-Attacks from China

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Rumors and speculation persisted about Chinese cybercrime activities for years. In February, 2013 the world finally saw conclusive proof that the Chinese government has been conducting cyber espionage -- thanks to a groundbreaking report from Mandiant, "APT1: Exposing One of China's Cyber Espionage Units."

This documentary video follows the dramatic reaction to the Mandiant APT1 Report, the geopolitical fallout and the media coverage in the U.S. and around the world.

Mandiant's report, based on its direct observations of 141 intrusions conducted by APT1 over a seven-year period, traced the source of the attacks to a location secretly run by a Chinese military unit.

When Mandiant published its groundbreaking research in its APT1 Report, the story became front-page news across the globe -- from the New York Times to network news to cable outlets, NPR and national and international newspapers. Even China Daily covered the news -- along with a denial by President Xi of allegations that China engages in state-sponsored cyber-attacks.

President Obama referenced Mandiant's investigation and highlighted how America's power grids and other vital infrastructure are vulnerable to attack. And Commander of the United States Cyber Command, General Keith Alexander, has described that the theft of intellectual property from U.S. corporations as "the greatest transfer of wealth in history."

Advanced targeted attacks and cyber espionage have become a dangerous but routine part of today's threat landscape. Mandiant is proud to serve on the front lines equipping organizations with products and services to detect, respond and contain attackers that would otherwise roam freely on organizations' networks. Show less
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