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MAGOA - Wall of the damned (Official Music Video)

6,750 views 4 months ago
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Directed by Benjamin Cappelletti / http://www.benjamincappelle...
Video produced by Magoa / magoamusic.com
Music produced by Charles "Kallaghan" Massabo / In Los Angeles, CA www.facebook.com/kallaghanreco­rds
Music by Magoa / www.magoamusic.com

-- Lyrics --

Betray one love - target a friend
We are the martyrs of the social hell
Empty lives - we go to waste
And all that's left is a bitter taste

Everybody SCREAM
Everybody KILL
And everybody leave their lies on the wall of the damned
Everybody CRAWL, yeah
Everybody SHAKE
Everybody loose their lives on the wall of the damned

It's an addiction and a vice
To be the stalkers of a new kind
I know my thrill is greater now
That I'm crushin' down the only christ


Let's shut it down, and make amends,
Legions of liars will just go to hell
Can't you read my writings on the wall
Break the mirror - Goodbye to all
Goodbye to all! Show less
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