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Hi Guys :D we have finally completed the MEP Mashup is one of our longest MEPs and hope they enjoy it, infinitely grateful to all participants in this MEP without them this work would never be possible :) thank you for your time.
ATTE: Hikarukiu2

Song: https://www.youtube.com/wat...

TRACK1: LuvParkJungMin // Haikyuu!!
TRACK2: MelanieMurderous // Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou
TRACK3: Hikarukiu2 // Utapri & Free!
TRACK4: MonkeyDElly // Anime Mix
TRACK5: xViolaLy // Nisekoi
TRACK6: HeichouSWAGx // Anime Mix
TRACK7: jesiii97 // AnimeMix
TRACK8: OHarusakutoriO // Magi
TRACK9: XAliceHatsuneHeartsX // Gatchaman Crowds
TRACK10: TheLoalok // Kuroko no Basket
TRACK11: xCaritoLove // Ao no exorcist
TRACK12: ForazZora // Shugo Chara!
TRACK13: Hikarukiu2 // Fairy Tail
TRACK14: carrotcchi // Free!
TRACK15: ikarishipping1 // Pokemon
TRACK16: animecat889 // kamisama hajimemashita
TRACK17: blissmissy // Golden Time
TRACK18: xRawrinqNeko // Kamigami no asobi
TRACK19: NonSwagoAMVs // Kagerou Project
TRACK20: SoshiChan185 // Hunter x Hunter
TRACK21: nagihikoxfan77 // Mekakucity Actors
TRACK22: PinkieGena // Soul Eater Not!
TRACK23: NoPromises110 // Mekakucity Actors
TRACK24: DarkFanFrontier // Anime Mix
TRACK25: SunnyAMV // Say I love you
TRACK26: thegoty2315 // Anime Mix
TRACK27: xRedAngel96x // Anime Mix
TRACK28: crystalstar38 // Anime Mix
TRACK29: CandySekai // kyoukai no kanata
TRACK30: Bluestarlight97 // sakasama no patema
TRACK31: kirmazah // Kill la Kill
TRACK32: NikkiAtobe // Utapri
TRACK33: RandomlySimple // Mayo Chiki
TRACK34&35: iBakaCam // Hyouka & Say I love you
TRACK36: Hikarukiu2 // Tamako Market

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