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The New Maclaren Mark II Buggy

4,902 views 3 months ago
Our lightest buggy, ever.
Using the original design brief for our very first buggy as inspiration, we've applied modern materials, engineering, and nearly a half century of experience to create the lightest full-featured buggy.

Learn more by visiting: http://worldofmaclaren.com/... Show less
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Product Reviews Play

Parents love the range of Maclaren products from buggies to beginning body and bath products. This playlist features video reviews of our products.

Maclaren & Pushy Mothers: Stroll Back to Shape Play

Maclaren, the premier parenting brand, and Pushy Mothers, the leading pregnancy and postnatal fitness company, introduce 'Stroll Back to Shape' - a fun and effective way of getting back in shape after the birth of your baby.

Maclaren Sailing: Meet Team Maclaren Play

Maclaren offers sponsorship opportunities in sailing! First we are proud to sponsor Team Maclaren composed with Anna Tunnicliffe, Molly Vandemoer and Debbie Capozzi, they represent the USA at the 2012 Olympics in London. Visit their website: http://www.teammaclaren.com.

We also sponsor Robert Crane and other sailors and sailing events around the globe! Apply for sponsorship here: http://bit.ly/H85G2k

Follow the news on our facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/maclarenbaby
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