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MSU Maroons - Call of Duty [Ghosts]

2,240 views 10 months ago
The Maroons make up a very unique service of the MSU (McMaster Student's Union) known as the Spirit Squad on campus that consists of highly energetic, approachable and fun loving individuals.

As Representitives of the MSU, the Maroons are the bridge between the student body by providing information, opportunities and resources to get involved with the various services of the MSU. We aim to represent what it truly means to be a McMaster Student and a part of the MSU with various programs and sweet-looking dance moves.

Membership to the Maroons is free and open to all McMaster undergraduate students.

Follow us on Twitter: @MSU_Maroons
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Maroons TV Play

Maroons TV was an initiative that was born straight out of regular Maroon shenanigans. The idea behind it is to randomly approach the student leaders within the MSU and ask them what they do and how their service benefits the McMaster community. The are rules to follow though. The video must be short with minimal editing, in one take and the interviewee can't know it's about it happen.
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