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A CAT ON TITAN: Animeow! Ep. 9

6,883 views 3 weeks ago
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Editor: Jesse Gouldsbury

Producer: Jeff Newelt AKA JahFurry

Theme song:
"Get Real" by Math The Band
http://www.maththeband.com/ & http://maththeband.bandcamp... Show less
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Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex Play

2030: the real world and the net world have melded ever closer, simultaneously blurring and challenging the boundaries of consciousness, reality, and existence. Implanted cybernetic devices are becoming commonplace. This use of technology has become so integrated into society that those who doe not engage in the use of cybernetic organs are often regarded by others with suspicion. It is here that female cyborg Major Motoko Kusanagi and her fellow officers at Section 9 work to keep the peace. Co-produced by Manga Entertainment and Bandai Entertainment, created by the revered animators at Japan's Production I.G (Kill Bill, Ghost in the Shell), and directed by Kenji Kamiyama (Blood: The Last Vampire, Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade) with music by Yoko Kanno (Cowboy Bebop), the series continues the story of the acclaimed anime feature film Ghost in the Shell, based on the popular manga by Shirow Masamune.

Revolutionary Girl Utena Play

Far-Out WTF Fan-dubbed Anime Parodies Play

WTF are they saying! Check these Fandubbed anime parodies from YouTube favorites such as LittleKuriboh and the crew of TeamFourStar. Got any recommendations to add to this list? Let us know on Twitter @MANGAcom and we'll add 'em to the playlist.

Sexy Crazy Cool Anime Cosplay Play

Love cosplay? Here's a few from popular series such as Kill La Kill and Black Lagoon. Got any recommendations to add to this list? Let us know on Twitter @MANGAcom and we'll add 'em to the playlist.
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