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  • Most people who watch YouTube don't have a clue to what Dunkirk is, and was, or what the "little ships" meant. Same for the BBC. A lot of folks have not kept up with their history. For many it would have been another cluster of boats, and for others, coverage should have focused on the Queen alone, after all, the Queen herself could have dressed like a mechanic if that was the point of it. And of course, in the end, they look a lot like, well...boats. It's nice to have this video, though.

    London Thames - Queens Diamond Jubilee Pageant - Dunkirk Little Ships, June 2012

    • by tbroyd
    • 2 years ago
    Footage of the Dunkirk little ships taking part in the Queens Diamond Jubilee Pageant, taken between Lambeth and Vauxhall Bridges
  • Sounds like a grand Disney experience. I can't imagine the old stars of Hollywood as a part of that experience, nor places like the "Garden of Allah" and the boxing rink, Palladium and other more adult venues, but then again, without Disney this might have been gutted for a condo.

    El Capitan Opening.

    As the curtains rose, openned, & swept away each new layer revealed itself.
  • Why the piano? To get the suburban ide of elegance that puts caviar on salmon? Ixnay the ianopay.

    Hooray for Hollywood, El Capitan Theatre Organ w/ Rob Richards and Alex Zsolt

    More pics and info: http://www.mouseinfo.com/forums/preview-articles/93413-el...

    "Hooray for Hollywood" at El Capitan Theatre Organ w/ Rob Richards and Alex ...
  • As Los Angeles restores and renovates movie palaces, San Francisco seems dedicated to destroying them. One movie palace here remains as a film venue. One is a gym. One plays concerts, two open periodically with live theater. More have been demolished than saved. Of those standing, quite a few have been gutted, to bare concrete in order to thwart preservationist efforts. Others have been gutted and gone on to become drugstores. Thanks, Saban.

    Ed Kelsey on the Saban (Fox Wilshire)

    • by lahtf
    • 4 years ago
    Ed Kelsey discusses the ongoing renovation of the Saban (Fox Wilshire) theater in Beverly Hills, a 1930 S. Charles Lee art deco masterpiece.
  • Sad to think that the budgie never got to fly "free" until it died. The owner could only set it free after it died. Never understood keeping birds in cages; ships out of water; restoring planes that will never fly, or living in an apartment with windows that won't open.

    James May's Man Lab - budgie number 35 and tommy the cat!

    James May's Man Lab - season 2 episode 3 s02e03, sending the ashes of budgie and tommy the cat into space, awsome! mixed with the song welcome home son by radical face
  • If an elephant took a leak an American would throw a coin into it.

    Rome - The Trevi's fountain

    The famous "Fontana di Trevi", where you have to drop a coin (or a bill if you want!) while making the wish to come back to Rome. It is full of wishes, I mean, coins.
  • The kitten walked off---didn't you watch the damn clip? You'd never make it through the film.

    La Dolce Vita - Trevi Fountain Scene

    Trevi Fountain scene from the movie La Dolce Vita (1960)
  • Rather empty, no? Ah yes. A congressional fart.

    The Queen (2006) Part 1 of 18

    The Queen (2006)
  • 175 horses----that says everything.

    Ford Raptor versus Parachutist - Top Gear USA - Series 1

    • by TopGear
    • 2 years ago
    In this incredible HD clip from Series 1 of Top Gear USA, Tanner races Ford's new F150 Raptor truck against an army parachutist jumping from 25,000 feet.

    Subscribe to see all the reviews, races an...
  • It's amazing that all these bright people gave so little consideration, beyond logistics, to the rails. You can't go fast if the rails won't support your train. And you can't hold on to your train the whole way---the Germans were more imaginative with the batteries.

    James May Toy Stories - The Great Train Race Part 5

    • by pully87
    • 3 years ago
    No copyright infringement intended, for entertainment purposes ONLY.
  • This couldn't happen in San Francisco, someone would feel it necessary to rip up the track when no one was looking. Or a dog would take a dump on it. Or someone would organize a protest that there were no safe crossings for local bugs.

    James May Toy Stories - The Great Train Race Part 3

    • by pully87
    • 3 years ago
    No copyright infringement intended, for entertainment purposes ONLY.
  • What a bizarre interview. What's the point? I don't know anything about this interviewer (I came to this by way of Top Gear), so I don't know what sort of show he runs. I've seen the old stars, Crawford and Davis, on Cavett; and others on the Johnny Carson---this does not seem to be that sort of show. It's not Merv Griffin. She seems to be as unaware, as I am now, and he's not giving her any space or encouragement. I don't get the feeling her people prepped her very well.

    Meg Ryan interview - Parkinson - BBC

    Remember this one? It is THE interview everyone was talking about. Michael Parkinson talks to Meg Ryan and it's really awkward, but was it her being difficult? What's your opinion? Free video clip...
  • It's a good point that James makes in the car, that the big dark Irish beers are for laborers, and a culture vanishing. We say no, but look at Starbucks, and Peets and their ilk, after years of touting Dark Roast Coffee----they're all pushing "blonde" roasts---ie FOLGERS, HILLS BROS, and the old canned coffees they once disgraced.

    Beer has one selling point--Alcohol; but will the rage for dark brews be so hot in twenty years, which is about the time since Starbucks went blonde?

    Oz & James Drink to Britain [Ep 4][2 of 2]

    Wine writer Oz Clarke and motor journalist James May travel through Britain and Ireland to discover the array of available alcoholic drinks. The chosen vehicle of this series is a Rolls-Royce Corn...
  • If art can have no function other than itself then much of the religious art of history has just been reclassified as tchotchkes. What blather.

    Can a car be art? - Alfa Romeo 8C - Top Gear - BBC

    • by TopGear
    • 4 years ago
    Can a car ever be art? Most experts say no, but they obviously haven't seen the Alfa Romeo 8C, the best looking car ever made - according to Jeremy Clarkson (even if it is utterly impractical).

  • A mini van? And no ADA accessibility either, unless they are modified at greater expense. No ADA in a design that was almost ground-up? Why didn't NYC make ADA part of the original design? How did something so basic get left out?

    And it's so ugly. But no one cares. Cars, trucks, ships, buildings all used to be appealing. Now it's all junk.

    NYC Taxi of Tomorrow: Nissan NV200

    New York is "hailing" a new era of urban mobility today, as the city with the nation's largest taxi fleet has selected Nissan to design and supply the next-generation "Taxi of Tomorrow." The announ...
  • A16: You didn't miss much, the buses go to wine factories and tourist traps. To see the wineries you either need a small van company, or a rental and a designated driver. And don't necessarily trust your hotel concierge---they're tip sluts who will recommend anything they got for free, if they think you'll tip them. Come back and do the wineries on your own.

    Oz & James's Big Wine Adventure - Santa Barbara [1 of 3]

    Oz & James's Big Wine Adventure
    Series 2 episode 1
    Santa Barbara county, California, USA
    Pinot noir

    Clarke and May travel through California sampling local wines and meet winemakers, travelling no...
  • The things you can say on the BBC! Anything like that in the "Free" USofA and any number of self righteous halfwits would be climbing out of the woodwork to complain. Of course, their kids are getting pregnant in the background, but what can we say?

  • I don't think Benziger knows what buggery means in Kings English...

    Oz & James's Big Wine Adventure - Sonoma Valley [1 of 2]

    Oz & James's Big Wine Adventure
    Series 2 episode 7
    Sonoma Valley, California, USA

    Clarke and May travel through California sampling local wines and meet winemakers, travelling north from Venic...
  • Good heavens folks, did your sense of humor blow up with the WTC?

  • Love the culinary institute ad: Spending tens of thousands of dollars for a job that, for most people, will pay less than ten dollars an hour. Great video on frenching technique

    Lamb Chop Frenching Procedure

    Alton Brown shows how to trim out the rib ends to make crown roast of lamb.
  • The cars you refer to are the fakes that run on the river and canal lines. Brand new, fully electronic, nothing like these original Perley Thomas cars. And Portland also uses reproduction cars, although Portland's are more authentic in appearance. The original Council Crest cars are museum pieces.

    1926 Trolley Ride • Car 850 From New Orleans

    Take a trip down memory lane on board Car 850. A nostalgic Troley ride at the Branford Trolley Museum. The City of New Orleans has the nation's oldest trolley line, which until the Katrina disaster...
  • The old cars, stored on "high" ground were not damaged, but their line remained closed due to hurricane damage on some parts. The crappy new cars, which supposedly look like the old ones, were damaged and needed rebuilding. As I understand it, the old cars were used on the new canal street line since the others weren't running, but still had to get an ADA exemption to do so as the old cars aren't ADA compliant and don't have the high platforms used in SF.

    New Orleans RTA Streetcar Lines St. Charles, Lower Canal St. and Riverfront - May 2002

    This pre-Katrina video shows some St. Charles streetcars, lower Canal St. and the Riverfront line. Canal St service was only running up to St. Charles at the time. There are two scenes that show th...
  • I've seen a lot worse in trolley "restoration". Despite San Francisco's example, SEPTA finally and reluctantly brought PCCs back into service, but with an awful roof attachment for AC, single pane sealed glass windows and a "modern" puke-resistant interior that makes one want to heave. The "retro" fleet in New Orleans--on the Canal/River line, are even worse, as they don't even feel like vintage cars did.

    San Diego could've done better, but they could have done a lot worse too.

    San Diego Vintage Trolley Arriving At The 12th & Imperial Transit Center

    PCC streetcar #529 traveling south on Park Blvd. on it's second weekend in service, on the new Silver Line loop downtown.

    For more information: www.sdvintagetrolley.com
  • You can't blame everything on Nat'l City lines. People had money, they were moving to the suburbs which were off of freeways not streetcar lines. It was epic bad planning, but it was no worse than our foreign policy, and produced the mess we endure today.

    Today LA is rapidly building streetcar lines, arguably faster than some are catching on. But the Blue Line is America's single heaviest used rail transit line.

    Los Angeles Streetcars - The Final Years

    Los Angeles commuters of the 1950s and earlier fondly referred to their unique narrow-gauge streetcars as "yellow cars." By the mid-fifties, there were six of these yellow car lines being operated ...
  • North Koreas leaders have maintained a religious like hold over their people, using imagery imported from Japan's occupation that began around 1904 and ended in WWII. The leaders are framed, oddly enough by our standards, as mother figures, demi-gods who watch over their people (mostly starving of late), so this is not unexpected behavior. We certainly did a lot to help create this mess with our war and mass murders in Korea in the early 1950s.

    North Koreans weeping hysterically over the death of Kim Jong-il

    Follow https://twitter.com/Alex_Ogle for links, photos, news.
    I grabbed this footage from DPRK state media.

    More info here:

    - Fascinating article about North Korea's theatrical public mourn...
  • I did this as a teenager, but with glass bottles--we didn't have the plastic ones in the seventies. We caught the hydrogen in balloons, then released the balloons (think Hindenburg) and tossed nickel balsa planes attached to firecrackers at it. The planes blew up nicely enough, but when they blew up close enough to the hydrogen filled balloon we would get a spectacular flameout.

    homemade draino bomb

    • by m8king
    • 6 years ago
    draino + water+ tin foil= boom
  • After reading about the Kansas silo explosion today, I couldn't have hoped for a more dramatic demonstration, so limited in scale and yet so epic in its potential.

    Grain Silo Explosion Demo

    A high-speed demo recording simulating what happens when a spark occurs inside a grain silo or flour mill.
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