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Maroon 5 - Payphone & Disney - Some Day My Prince Will Come Mashup w/ Felicia Day!

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Felicia Day: Voice
James Ritts: Guitar, whistling
Jane Lui: Voice, keys/organ, accordion, suitcase, water jug, rotary phone, tambourinette, service bells, IKEA cup thingy, playing cards

Arranged, engineered, mixed, mastered: Jane Lui

Felicia's Stuff:
Official website: http://FeliciaDay.com
YouTube: http://YouTube.com/FeliciaDay
GeekandSundry: http://www.YouTube.com/geek...
Facebook: http://Facebook.com/FeliciaDay
Twitter: http://twitter.com/feliciaday

Jane's Stuff:
Official website: http://JaneLui.com
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Twitter: http://Twitter.com/JaneLui
Tumblr: http://JaneLui.tumblr.com
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Jane's next gigs:
5/26 Cafe Du Nord - San Francisco
6/8 Lestats - San Diego

Extended ending lyrics:
Some day my prince will come
some day I'll find my love
how thrilling it will be when the prince comes to me
he'll whisper i love you and steal a kiss or two
I'll be here by the payphone just sitting on my own
away to his castle we will go

ps. Fun fact: Felicia was Penny, then Jane played Penny in San Diego 2011 (theatre)! Show less
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