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Lucille Roberts

#EscapeCoEd - The Dreadmill

2,892 views 9 months ago
In a world... where your boobies are bouncing... guys are staring at them... and there's nowhere to run...except straight. Because you're on a treadmill.

SAVE YOURSELF. Escape the dreadmill. #EscapeCoEd

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#LRWerkout Play

These daily workouts will tone your body and boost your metabolism.
What happens to these women doesn't have to happen to you. Save yourself. #EscapeCoEd. Join Lucille Roberts! The WOMEN'S gym.
Workouts that will give you sexy abs and a strong core.

Rock Bottom - Glute, Hamstring & Quad Exercises. Play

Workouts that will give you a sexy butt and legs!
  • High Five

    Looking for a quick total body workout that will blast fat and get you toned abs, toned legs and toned arms? Give Dr. Emily's High Five exercise a try:
  • Triple Threat

    Tone Your BLT (butt, legs, tummy and arms) with this Triple Threat workout from Dr. Emily:
  • Wonder Woman

    Burn body fat with this total body workout!

    If you're advanced: 20 reps, intermediate: 15 reps, beginner: 10 reps.
    We're going to do four rounds.

    - Squat to Shoulder Press
    - Jump Step/Walk Ste...
  • Countdown

    This countdown will have you doing squats, planks and everything in between. This workout is fast and intense, so take a deep breath and go!
  • Crazy 8s - Moves Only

    For a 15-minute total body workout that will tone your arms, legs, glutes, abs AND burn fat, try this Crazy 8s workout from Dr. Emily!

    - 8 Surrenders
    - 8 Burpees
    - 8 Pushups
    - 8 Glute Bridge
    - 8 ...
  • The Ladder - Moves Only

    If you're looking to burn belly fat and tighten those abs, the Ladder workout from Dr. Emily is just what you need!

    Do 10 burpees and 10 situps... then 9 burpees and 9 situps... then 8 burpees and...

Armed and Dangerous - Arm, Shoulder & Back Exercises Play

Workouts that will give you a sexy back and sexy arms and shoulders.
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