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Luci Gabel

Healthy Fast Food 3

70 views 1 month ago
Here's another healthy fast food for you: Sugar Snap Peas
These are a high protein, low calorie treat and they're really delicious! Watch and see how easy and fast they are to prepare - you don't even have to cook them! Show less
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Amazing Abdominals Play

Training the core is one of my specialties. I'll be adding to this list on a regular basis so you can have a broad range of workouts for your abs.

Yoga and Meditation Play

Stretching is a very important part of an exercise program. The biggest reason being that it keeps the muscles flexible and the joints mobile so when you move (exercise or just moving through life), your body can flow and feels good.

The sun salutation is a a great way to ease the body into movement whether it be the beginning of an exercise session or the beginning of a day. For those that are new to yoga it's a great introduction to the practice because it combines many of the fundamental poses of yoga. In fact, just a few sun salutations per day will take you a long way in your yoga practice.

When doing a sun salutation we stretch and flex all the major muscles in the front and back of the body: The hamstrings and quads, the low back and the belly, the upper back and chest, the upper arms and lats. And, my favorite reason for doing the sun salutation is because we stretch and work the spine in both directions. A sun salutation is a great way to get some major movement and stretching into a very short amount of time. I use sun salutations for warm-ups on a regular basis in my online CoreFit classes (http://powhow.com/videos/Lucis-Studio.)

Total Body Workout Basics Play

Work the 9 major muscle groups 2-3x per week for a great, toned body. You can do these exercises virtually anywhere. And it should take a grand total of about 20 minutes. So, there are no excuses!

Abdominal Exercises= Interesting and Unusual Play

One of my specialties is core-training. Take a look at some of these videos which absolutely get to your core, but do it more indirectly. They also build mind-body connection and awareness. Follow this playlist if you want to be updated with some new and cool ways to work your core. I'll be adding to it often!
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