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Exposed Police Chief Pushing Ticket Quotas

11,517 views 11 months ago
Police officer's Timothy Brasuell whose been with the BHPD since 2008, says he records his police chief pushing ticket quotas in an effort to issue more tickets, the police chief Don McKinnon encouraged crooked cop behavior.

The voice goes on to say in the recording, "If i seen a vehicle, I could always find some reason to stop them even if I made them do something stupid."

The voice, Brasuell says is McKinnon, goes on to describe his traffic stop method:

"I wanna stop that car load of dumb edited in the car, I wanna stop it, but they are not going to do anything wrong. Hell, I'll get behind or the other lane and I'd start crowding them. Kinda dirty pool but i got two or three arrests out of it." Show less
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