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Welcome to my Channel :3

5,262 views 1 year ago
I welcome you all to my channel. This is just me saying hi for my intro video & what i do. If you are interested in the videos i make, i really appreciate the support & fans. So if you'd like to subscribe, i thank you. It shows me you care. Thanks for watching & have a wonderful day. :D

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Munchie Talk (Video blogs) Play

This is my playlist about all of my Munchie Talks. These are my main videos that i love to make, each one is special & unique. I 1st started making Munchie talks back in fall of 2008. These are the long Vlogs i've kept about me. So enjoy.

Tutorials & How To's Play

These are "How to" videos as well as "Tutorial" or "Makeup Tutorial" videos meant to help you out. :)

Hauls Play

This playlist is dedicated too all my hauls. My main haul videos are goodwill hauls. Its always interesting to see what i find at the goodwill but i also make videos of other stores so there's a wide verity of hauls to check out!

Acne Talk Play

A video blog of mine that is only talking about my acne & my journey in dealing with it. I will be talking about my progress, what products ive used, what ive been doing or eating to make my skin better & share with you my struggles. Enjoy. :)

Outfit of the Day (OOTD) Play

Outfit videos meant to be helpful for those of you seeking new fashion idea's & clothing to wear! Alot of OOTD videos have helped me find new places to shop at so i hope this helps you out too. :)
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