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Friends for the love of Animals

Lonely Dog, A rescue dog story,SPCA DOG

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I'm just a old Mann and try to help a few animal to get a better life. ,,PLEASE SUBSCIBED US,, for all this shelter dogs around the world; We try to raising awareness of,,Spaying and neutering,, There's too many animals that go to waste because people don't want to get theirs fixed. Have a heart adopt! soooooo many animals not enough good people! "...Saving just one pet won't change the world ...but, surely, the world will change for that one pet...."
I think the world would be a lot better place if more people had meaningful relationships with Animals.
"One person can make a difference and everyone should try."
Quoted by American President John F. Kennedy
Have a nice Day. Bob Friends for the love of Animals

Dear my Animals Friends!
Thousand Healthy animals dying in New Zealand SPCA Shelters..
I am writing to you to raise a matter which greatly concerns me, and which should also, I believe, concern the National Council of the RNZSPCA and its Branches and member bodies.
This issue is more than just a clash between philosophies. It is reflective of a bigger problem with the way SPCA society Bay Of Islands views companion animals.
Please click on the Links: The full Story
Info; About SPCA, Bay of Islands
"Many animals are abandoned not because they have behavior problems, but simply because they have become inconvenient...
Basically, dogs are abandoned or surrendered to shelters because they misbehave. Dogs misbehave (act like dogs), simply because no one taught them how to behave appropriately when living with people,, Some get a second chance, some dont.
Locked up in that cage, day in and day out, without adequate exercise, eating whatever greasy store brand food is available that day, with other dogs barking incessantly, limited human contact, living in it's own excrement, the list goes on and on.
Could these dogs be rehabilitated if adopted?
More than likely. so is it fair to the dog to allow it to slowly go mad, wasting away in a cage for weeks, months? Jumping up the wall, pacing, running in circles. These are all symptoms that a dog has reached the end of its tolerance for the situation.
A rescue dog from the SPCA Shelter, We're grateful that he can be a part of our lives, and that he'll spend his final days safe, happy and well-fed."
What could be kinder and more caring than offering a loving home to a sweet senior dog so that they can live their golden years in happiness, having a home of their own and being loved and cared for.
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*...Saving just one pet won't change the world ...but, surely, the world will change for that one pet...*

My advice to anyone seeking to adopt a Dog from any Shelter, is to choose only ones whos Policy is to MORE INFO:SPCA AUCHLAND ,,,spay and neuter,,, its animals prior to adoption, not from the ,,SPCA Bay of Islands,,

A good place to Adopt a Pet: The SPCA Whangarei and other Rescue Shelter, who doing a great job. Check out there Website. http://www.whangareispca.co...

Please click on the Links: The full Story
Info; About SPCA, Bay of Islands
Kind and Loving Regards
Bob Winter
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