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Love Everlasting

Love Everlasting - Love Is (2013)

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Love Everlasting Band - Love Is. Original Song. Live at The Merge, St. Louis, MO. Aug. 31, 2013. Paul Budde & James Shoupe, Christian Worship Rock/Rap Inspirational Music. [Lyrics below] Love Everlasting on facebook- http://www.facebook.com/lov...
PBnJ Band- http://www.youtube.com/pbnj...
Big Budde in the MIX (Concert Vids)- http://goo.gl/3hDe4

Turn off the lights and lock the door, No I am not alright,
I need something that is more, Than this endless search for this emptiness
I turned on my headlight, and I was blinded by the light
The feeling that I know inside, And I believe is right,
And I'm not gonna fight it anymore, I had a dream, it was a real one,
I've gotta share it with the world. Because the world needs a son,
And I'm not alone, there's someone else that knows, (that)

Love, Is, the only thing that stays, And I, am not afraid
And Love, Is, the only thing that's real
And I know how You feel, like pure lo-ve... like pure lo-ve...

Verse 2:
I heard Your voice, You shook me up, I made a choice, I can't go back
NO I don't want to go back, You gave me something, I've never felt before
And I don't want to ever forget, I cried tears of joy, it made me laugh.
And I'm forever a new man, I'm alive in Your hands!
And even if they took my breath away, I would sing it under water,
That Your love Is the answer, and I don't wanna go to sleep again,
No I don't wanna go to sleep again! (because)

I don't wanna go to sleep again, I don't wanna go to sleep again, (x2)
I wanna close my eyes, and let You inside, (because)

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Love Everlasting Band | Christian Music, worship covers, original songs & live performances! Paul Budde and James Shoupe. St. Louis, MO. "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" Phil 4:13

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