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Love Drunk

Action 3 News: LOVE DRUNK

686 views 7 months ago
Story by Justin Pazera

CREATED Nov. 27, 2013
Omaha, NE -- It may look and sound like a typical music video, but it's actually far from it.

"What you're watching and what you're listening to is happening in real time," said Django Greenblatt-Seay. He started Love Drunk in 2010. It's a project that's based in Omaha but travels the country capturing acts doing what they do best, creating music.

The videos are shot in one take with multiple cameras. The musicians and singers are performing live in places that they normally wouldn't perform. It all began when a band from Denver (Flashbulb Fires) was visiting Django.

"They went through the song a few times and so I grabbed a camera and shot them and it sort of accidentally happened," he said. "What I ended up with looked pretty good and I thought, wow - what if we tried to do this well on purpose?"

A couple years later and more than 100 videos under the belt, Love Drunk is snagging the attention of bands that aren't as well known while catching the ear of music lovers.

"There is a lot of music out there that probably is going to fit your pallet more precisely than the safe music that you'll find on the MTV Music Awards or something like that," said Greenblatt-Seay.

The artists with Love Drunk may not be getting Justin Bieber attention or swinging from a Miley Cyrus wrecking ball, but that's ok. For this project it's all about exposing new music to new listeners. "We're just trying to make that good music that you don't know you're going to love more accessible to you."

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