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Samuel Abrams

  • Ephraim is a cake not turned (Hosea 7: 8). A cake not turned is not cooked on one side & burnt on the side nearest the heat. This means that though there was some partial obedience in Ephraim yet there is very much rebellion left in her.

    Though gray hair is upon her, Ephraim seem burnt black with bigoted zeal that has blinded her to the ordinances of the Almighty God, and also to his teaching in Luke 14: 10 & Isaiah 11: 13.

    The adversaries of Judah shall be CUT OFF” (Isaiah 11: 13)

    A Light To The Gentiles

    This video explains who the gentiles are that Christ was a light to.
  • I know there will be many of you Atheists and Nihilists in the last days who will get things going btw the two relgions of the world Christians & Muslins. So I will not waste my time on you.

    Kindly watch the video below and you will see yourself, Christians and Muslims as Pawns in the game, reserved for use as cattles by the Illuminati Zionists.

    : "What Albert Pike Said Will Happen in World Wars"

    Death and Eternal Life

    We'll all die one day. In this life many of us waste countless hours with worthless activities when instead we should be spending this time seeking after something more- seeking after God.
  • The Zionist Black Pope run all Christian Churches on earth, no exeption. All Pastors are Masons (2 Co 11:14 & preach its deception such as the Prosperity doctrine of "Rapture' or " you ARE SAVED & Born Bgain." Our Lord said salvation & New Birth shall be at the coming Mt Zion (Joel 2: 32; Psa 87: 5-6) for those who continue till the end. They teach that the 2 witnesses of Rev 11 are Moses & Elijah, LIES. They are indeed the True Church, Candlestick means Church, Compare Rev 11: 4 to Rev 1: 20.




    Freemasonry is based on the Jewish Kabbalah and is being used to undermine and eventually destroy Christian civilisation.

  • The gospel preached today is not the gospel of Christ anyway. People tend to forget that the Sower of the Word is the Son of God. He showers all generation with his goodness & they see it. God determines who to save and who not to among the dead. They stand better chances than this generation who believe that bcse they heard about Jesus who died and accept him then they are saved. God is not running an election. Its a commitment with your life and requires continuation till the end to be saved.

    Responding to Paul Harvey's "letter from god"

    The Paul Harvey video has allot of good ideas on how we should treat our fellow man... but theologically speaking it couldn't be farther from the Truth. Not all religions lead to the same place. As...
  • That's not true. Chistianity is a religion of the world, Babylon. "Christian" is a Mockery name given believers in Antioch thus putting God in line with Judaism, Mohamed & Bhudah etc. God calls his people "Saints" not Christians. God's TRUE Church is his Coming Kingdom, New Jerusalem, Mt Zion (Heb 12: 22-24).Christians do not obey the Gospel (Rom 12: 1-2; Heb 4: 9-10) but follow their Masonic preachers who lead them into "Cages" called Churches. God is Calling his ppl out of her (Re 18: 4). .

    Everyone is a Christian?

  • That's not true. Chistianity is a religion of the world, Babylon. "Christian" is a Mockery name given those who beleive, in Antioch putting God in line with Judaism,Mohamed & Bhudah etc. God calls his people "Saints" not Christians. God's Church is his Coming Kingdom, the New Jerusalem. God will judge the Christian, they are all hypocrytes. Some of them do not even beleive in the authority of Scriptures but listen to voices. There are all kinds of nonsense going on in the Christian religion.

    A Christian obeys Jesus

    A Christian is a serious man who follows and obeys Jesus Christ, a disciple.
    In John 13:34 we read "love one another.
    Just as I have loved you, you also should love one another
    This is how ever...
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  • Alberto did a good job opening ppl's eyes. If we listen carefully who's behind the scene is the "black Pope," or Jesuit order General, who is the false Prophet of Revelation & are all Zionists Freemasons (Judaism) no matter the lies concerning their birth place. Their "Nose" in Wikipedia pics sells them & they are the church of Pergamos that has Satan's Seat Rev 2: 13. They control all christian churches(church of Sardis) in the world Rev 3:1, who are her daughters, Isaiah 50.

    Part 1 Alberto Rivera (Ex Jesuit Priest)


    Alberto Rivera speaks. I challenge you to listen to this man and then call him a phony.
  • Welcome to the world of rejection for truth. Our Lord never said the world will like us. The present churches are the world & have a form of godliness without the Holy Spirit. Many teach b/c they are deceived they sow the Word but The Son of God is the Sower. God's elect are in a waiting period Hos 3: 3-5, Isa 40:31 b/c God is preparing an army of His servants that will preach the gospel with Power from Mt Zion & will shake the world putting every bible teacher to shame isaiah 5: 26-30..


    http://www.israelofgod.org/genesis1.htm - Genesis 1:26 - also see singular in verse 27/ God talking...

    Gail Riplinger - New Age Bible Versions (part 4 of 16)

    Is your Bible a New Age Bible?

    "The words of the LORD are pure words: as silver tried in a furnace of earth, purified seven times. Thou shalt keep them, O LORD, thou shalt preserve them from thi...
  • @tgillspy1 Sorry about your friend but claiming He was born again........ and was saved is prosperity gospel (PG)that is worse than the health and wealth PG.

    The Prosperity Gospel [Money in the Bible]

    • by 1nemind
    • 4 years ago
    This video will show Scriptures from the New Testament on money and warnings on false doctrines.

    "Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to...
  • Absolutely, and thanks for this comment. We see the Holy Spirit as ALL Masculine in (Revelation 22: 17), indwelt his Bride (Zech 2: 10;John 12:15; Matthew 21:5 ) making one last plea for sinners to Come. Because He is All Masculine, He always refers to all of us as "daughters." Now Monica would make him feminine, a blasphemy, that demotes him as one of us and we'll all sit around and pray for the annoying unrepentant deadly heretic who still has her video running .

    Tic Toc's Female Holy Spirit

    http://www.taliforgod.com Let's pray for her family in the lord. Here is the article: http://www.the-branch.org/Holy_Mother_Spirit_Vision_Homos...
  • Thieves and Robbers are always up to their old tricks of conning innocent people into sowing gifts and offerings in their vineyards. May the Lord sweep all of you crooks into the Lake of Fire, Judgement is coming.

  • @exposingthemachine

    Are you deaf? You heard that King James Loved God and had 47 bilingual schorlars translate the KJV. Did you get the key word? KJ loved the Lord.

    Why I Read the KJV Bible

    Why the King James Version Bible only? My reasons. I am a non denominational Christian who loves Jesus Christ I like to read & study the old english 1611 scripture Gerard Paul "The Prolife Guy" htt...
  • When did you sit in communion with the RISEN Lord? Describe the occasion when he came to you, what is he like? He is ALIVE.

    You worship an immaginative christ who is not alive, and nothing but an idol

    Prophetic Word for 2011

    I asked the Lord to speak to me concerning the coming year and this is what He gave me. Why so soon? I believe it's all a part of preparation. 2010 is on it's way out, and if the Lord tarries, t...
  • The bride of Christ is One Woman, (One person), chosen by Christ who is presently alive & well & will soon emerge. She is the Church of Philadelphia, the New Jerusalem, Daughter of Zion, sons will be born again in her womb SOS 7:2; John 3:5. The Song of Solomon gives an account of her courtship & marriage to our Lord KJV. The present churches are the Church of Sardis & apostate who will collectively emerge as Laodecia. The present churches are dead & blasphemous who make Christ a polygamist.

    Bride Of Christ In The Jewish Wedding (Intro & part 1) Fulfilling End Times Prophecy

    http://www.RATW.org, Many believers think the entire body or church is the bride of Christ, contrary to what the Word says. Rebecca sheds light on the deception that is robbing believers of an inti...
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