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Sam Berns

Street Speak: Prom

3,547 views 2 years ago
Sam Berns takes to the streets and asks the mentally insane questions about their prom experience.

Twitter: http://twitter.com/senorberns
Instagram @samberns
Facebook: http://facebook.com/lotsofl...

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If you want to know all about who I, Sam Berns, am in a video type of way, I would suggest watching these five videos. They show off the diversification of my portfolio(stock, and bonds) as well as the different outfits and hair cuts I have had over the years.
Sam takes to the streets to ask strangers questions about various topics.

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Hidden Camera Pranks!

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Spoofs and Parodies, Parodies and Spoofs!

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These videos have been mad ein collaboration with jacob Balshin, my partner in life and crime, as well as our mutual blogging home DontGetAny.com
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