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Losi® 1/8 LST XXL 2 Gasoline-Powered Monster Truck with AVC

14,712 views 2 months ago
2014 RC Car Action Truck of the Year!!!

Sample conversation:
Q: Is it really gas?
A: YES, when we say GAS we mean GASOLINE not Nitro!

Q: So, you have GAS???
A; YES, yes we do!

The Losi® LST XXL™ 2 takes the proven LST platform and adds an innovative .31 Cubic inch GASOLINE engine, the AVC™ (Active Vehicle Control™) driving system and a whole lot more. Losi's LST XXL 2 occupies a class of its own with waterproof electronics, ultra-durable suspension and oversized shocks all of which is built on the trusted XXL extended chassis. The driving capabilities of the LST XXL 2 are complimented by the AVC technology system. AVC automatically adjusts the driving characteristics of the LST XXL 2 to match its ferocious power so you can drive faster with more control. Not only will you rarely find yourself far from a full tank of gas, but the included roto-start system ensures the LST XXL 2 is only seconds away from starting up. With advanced durability and legendary Losi 4WD performance, little stands in the way of you and all-out RC excitement when you're in command of the LST XXL 2.

For more information on the Losi 1/8 LST XXL 2 Gasoline-Powered Monster Truck with AVC, please visit:

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