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Lorelei La

This Life Extraordinary

185 views 1 week ago
When comes the time where
Memories feature larger than now?
Where what you were means more than
What you are?
Is it inevitable?
I'm not sure, perhaps for some
But not for all,
For where are you?
Where have you ever been?
Was the moment of your birthing a celebratory dream?
Or perhaps a song of life reverberating
Down through each and every moment
You've been here, will be here?
Do we step upon the ground which lies before us?
Step by unique step?
Eyes wide open for the multiplicity of possibilities
And gifts?
Along of course with all the pains,
But they too are offerings from life,
Opportunities to see, to expand, to be.
Or do we live in a time long gone or yet to come?
That time which never quite exists?
Do we dare take the fumbling stumbling steps through a reality
We'll probably never grasp in its entirety?
Or prefer to take a leap from womb to grave
In our desire for eternal security?
Dismiss this life extraordinary?
One day I will lie down for the last time
I will take my place in history
Among the dead, I will tranform
Into other lives and matter,
The echoes of my existence
Will leave ripples,
However small.
But until then I shall be here,
Wherever here may be,
In it's evolving uncertainty.

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