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New Members Wanted! (Audition!)

72 views 3 months ago
Hey all! Christina here (ChristinaLand Productions/kingofqueensfan818­92) We have lost some memebers because they either can't be apart anymore or they don't edit anymore. So I've decided to have an audition for new members

Rules of the Group:
1. Have to use Sony Vegas or any professional editing software (unless you are really good with Windows Movie Maker I'll make an exception)
2. Never add coloring to parts (i do that)
3. tag your name on the left hand cornor in any color u please
4. Only join if u will be able to send in parts on time

Audition Rules:
1. Personal Message me here (LivetoCollabStudios) with your best video.. it can be anything.
2. comment below saying what editing software you use and what fandoms can you edit with.

thats it! so please audition. We will be looking for at least... maybe 5-7 people Show less
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