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Lionel Video Indictment: The Thought Vigilantes & Anthony Cumia

9,924 views 2 weeks ago
During the week of the 238th anniversary of the birth of my beloved and native republic, I hereby unequivocally state to you, my fellow lover of freedom, that I fear not terrorists, terrorism, al Qaeda or any of the CIA's subsidiary organizations.

We're the United States of the Easily Offended.

I don't fear liberals or conservatives, the left or right. I do however fear my and our freedom of speech being given away. Not taken, but given away by a group of nescient, stupid, idle, careless fellow Americans mired in intellectual and spiritual torpor who've never developed that reflex and twitch, that patellar Pavlovian instinct that freedom of speech is precious and that it's being wrested from a fellow American. Not the thought police, but the thought vigilantes.

You see, when and if you were to say something racist, racially charged, racially insensitive, profoundly stupid, homophobic, Islamophobic, misogynistic, coarse, anti-_____ (your target and object of derision here here), I hold my nose and move on.

It's the price of freedom. I may in return, retort and riposte hate you, ridicule you, counter-protest, bitch, moan and/or complain. But what I will never do is let someone quash your freedoms whether it's the government or corporate pantywaist fraidy cats who'd rather shut you up than defend your right to be a Boeotian.

Whether you're some shock jock, the Dixie Chicks, Sarah Palin, a Tweeter, poster or microblogger, name it. You speak, we laugh at or agree with you and move on. We tolerate your saying something stupid if we find it inane. We remember that OFF is a channel. We deselect your Twitter account and stop following you if you offend us. We cancel subscriptions, unfriend and unsubscribe. We simply move on and shut up. We don't just accept through this nodding obeisance that corporate censorship is bottom line and understandable. It's protected speech to hate, to be racist, sexist, anything. Just don't act on it.

Think what you want, say what you want especially if it's an idea or opinion. And damn you if you're in the opinion business and you sit on your fat ass and raise not a finger in defense of a fellow broadcaster, opinion maker and artist.

Lionel of the United States

DM: lionel@lionelmedia.com
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