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Lion Country Safari

Endangered Week-Old Rhino Learns to Wallow at Lion Country Safari, Florida.

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Baby Anna, a 155-pound Southern White Rhinoceros learns to wallow in the mud at Lion Country Safari - West Palm Beach. Anna was born 4/6/13 and was named after
after rhino conservationist Anna Merz, who passed away on April 4th. Merz was one of the founders of The Lewa Conservancy which was started to help save and conserve the Rhinos of Kenya and has grown to help conserve many species of birds and mammals in Africa.
Of the 5 species of rhinos (White, Black, Indian, Sumatran and Javan) the white rhino is the most abundant with approximately 20,150 alive today but all 5 species are in peril due mostly to poaching. Show less
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