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  • Hi Everyone! I know I haven't been on YouTube in a long time, but just wanted to thank you all again for your kind comments. I'm still alive and kicking! I wish all of you a long, happy life.....life is too short not to be happy! Take care all! Linda

  • Hello everyone! I haven't been on YouTube for awhile, but just wanted to check in and thank all of you again for your kind comments. I just had another check-up with my oncologist and things are still good! <G> Wishing good thoughts for any of you going through this terrible ordeal. Thanks again and be strong everyone! Linda

  • Hi again everyone! I haven't checked my YouTube acct. for a long time, and I was surprised to see more wonderful comments. A huge Thank You to all of your kind comments and taking the time to post! Linda

    What Breast Cancer is, and is not!

    • 2 years ago
    Shout out to Susan G. Komen Foundation, my description about what my Breast Cancer is, and is not.
    (pardon the poor audio quality of the built-in mic on my digital camera.)
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