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Yen + Liem // Trash The Dress // San Francisco, CA

1,338 views 1 year ago
We are pleased to present our first official Trash The Dress shoot! This video was made shortly after Yen + Liem's wedding. We thought it would be awesome to roam around the city of San Francisco so that Yen could enjoy her dress one more time before we trash it! It was so much fun that day because we drove around to many different places looking for the perfect spot to make it happen. We were scared of getting in trouble with the law. Haha! But after visiting many places, we were losing light. It was not looking good. Finally, we decided to roam into the heart of San Francisco at Union Square where there's a lot traffic and people. We then grabbed a few random strangers and asked if they would like to participate and everyone was more than happy to! Then everything happened all at once and we think it came out pretty awesome! We want to thank Yen + Liem for being our first couple to create a video like this. We had so much fun! It's just one of those things where you HAD to be there!

Aren't they adorable? We really admire their connection with one another. Both are very fun and easy to talk to. :)

Can't get enough of this couple? Watch their wedding films below!

Trailer: vimeo.com/55350476

Wedding film: vimeo.com/58151795

Camera Operators: Sonny Tang, Tim Nguyen, Assisted by Michael Nguyen
Edit: Sonny Tang

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Music Licensed via The Music Bed
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