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Acts of Kindness Cards! Get it. Do it. Pass it.

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Get it. Do it. Pass it. With Life Vest Inside's Acts of Kindness cards! Get your deck at shop.lifevestinside.com

Become a Proud Card Carrying Member of Kindness! Get your pack of Acts of Kindness (AOK) cards! AOK cards raise our awareness to what kindness looks like and helps us see the opportunities that surround us on a daily basis to brighten another persons day.

Each AOK card has a different act of kindness prompting the person to perform the act and pass the card to someone else. AOK cards serve as a reminder to each of us that small things can truly make a BIG difference. Get your deck at shop.lifevestinside.com

Check out our AOK Card Campaign at lifevestinside.com/aokcards
1. Get Featured! Submit your picture holding an AOK card and submit it! Be creative!
2. Have a great AOK card story? Share it with us on our website!

Get your AOK card deck at shop.lifevestinside.com

Life Vest Inside is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization dedicated to spreading kindness, empowering people, and building self-esteem and self-value. At LVI, we're all about helping people see the AMAZING and WONDERFUL potential they have to make a difference in the world through simple yet powerful acts of kindness!

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