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r a d i o a c t i v e ● [Doctor Who]

4,800 views 1 year ago
{720HD pretty please!!} + Headphones are sexy ;)

OMFG. I am totally in love with this song! And after many hours re-watching some of the most epic DW episodes ever (hey I'm bored! I NEED THE CHRISTMAS SPECIAL NOW!) I finally sat down & had enough inspiration to finish a new Doctor Who video in over a YEAR. ;salgkjas;glkagj this is a tad random, but while editing I ended up mixing up a lot of the clips from Ten & Eleven's eras that worked well with each other theme & emotion wise!

Well major props go out to my beautiful & wonderful fellow vidder Sheryl... and you know what bb I wasn't even planning on doing xmas wishes this year but this one was made for YOU. 100%! Happy Early Christmas Hun! ♥

You are without a doubt one of the most EPIC DW vidders on YouTube and I look to your incredibly powerful videos & style for inspiration. Every time I see a new video from you in my sub box I know it's going to be golden and perfect and flawless and YEAH. ;D so I felt after so many DW videos I have had the pleasure of seeing and faving & re-watching that I should make YOU one of your own :)
and here it is! Hope you enjoy bb!

As for the rest of my lovely subbers I LOVE YOUR FACES and I'm BACK to vidding! ...mostly because of my epic kick ass new desktop ;)

Happy Holidays!


Video song inspiration: http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Song: Radioactive
Fandom: Doctor Who
Dedicated to: Sheryl ♥
sub this chick nowwww ;)
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