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1,000,000 Views - OutTakes - Learn Guitar Tunes Has Hit One Million Views - Thanks a Million

6,435 views 1 year ago
1,000,000 Views - Thanks a Million - Learn Guitar Tunes Has Hit One Million Views - OutTakes

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My YouTube Channel Has Hit OVER 1,000,000 Views.... All Thanks To YOU!!!!!

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to supporting my channel, watching my video tutorials and helping me reach ONE MILLION views. For all the support I have received from you guys and the love towards my tutorials, I have created an outtakes video from all my lessons so far. It's my way of saying... THANKS

I know One Million is not the biggest number in terms of YouTube views, but for me it has been a fantastic achievement. With little over a year, recording my Guitar & Ukulele lessons in a small bedroom in my house, and to think I have made over 1,000,000 is amazing.

As always I will be uploading more videos for both Guitar and Ukulele and as always my tutorials will cover beginner guitar lessons through to intermediate lessons for guitar and ukulele.

I have some cool NEW style of videos coming up this year and potential collaboration with some cool dudes in the industry, so keep an eye out. Anyway!!!!!

Thanks again for all your support, let's try and make another MILLION!!!!

Jack Long
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