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  • Caught in the act on Kronos 4

    Playing freestyle organ after a long day of making sound design ....
  • Lee Lucas - 1,000 X (original song)

    Recorded for the Tuesday Open Mic Night Campfire Tuesday 21st January 2014.

    A 1,000 X is a new short song which I started to write on Sunday couple of days ago and got the chance to finish off the...
  • Christmas Is Out There (Rejoice)

    An ambient cinematic instrumental piece based around the spirit of Christmas. Christmas is out there for everyone if they want to find it, and having a Cracking one folks...
  • The Barren Lands Part 2 The (Wilderness)

    This is the long awaited follow up to The Barren Lands Part 1 (The Last Day) It has been a massive challenge to make as I'm not confident with the cinematic genre.
    I asked Graham Lavallin if he wo...
  • The Last Day (The Barren Lands Part 1)

    This song is part 1 of an electronic fantasy dark future theme inspired song. It was inspired of a game I played years ago where the world took revenge on it's people for not taking care of it or s...
  • Dreamy song, dreamy images:)

    Winds of Heaven {I} ~ bellehorse ~

    Northwestern U.S. trio bellehorse {Sean Colley, Kelly Annette Mills, Linda Farr} ~ Film by Kevin Bunce ~ http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/bellehorse
  • Time Now ~ bellehorse ~

    Northwestern U.S. Trio ~ bellehorse ~ {Sean Colley, Kelly Annette Mills, Linda Farr} http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/bellehorse
  • Old Man (Live)

    My own live rendition of Neil Young's Classic song. Comes with outside traffic and creaky floorboards and was recorded on my Samsung Galaxy S3 Mobile Phone, and mixed in Cubase.

    Lee Lucas - Vocals...
  • Very cool video this Cam! Really brings out the lyrics mate and is that you doing your own stunts too? better apply for that Equity card now mate!!LOL:))))

    Starstuff Music Video

    A Music Video for a collaboration I did in 2012 with Jaime J Ross on vocals.
  • Hiya Kenny,

    Thanks for those kind words my friend. Yes, I gave up the painting when I became carer for one of my daughters back in '93 and took up playing guitar and synths about that time. I've no regrets really, I'd probably gone as far as I could in all honesty and my daughter and I both have benefitted enormously from that decision I believe. The music has become much more of a serious 'hobby' for the last five years or so but the prime motivation for doing that is always that it's fun:))

    Graham Lavallin_ Paintings 1981~1993 Slideshow.m4v

    • 2 years ago
    This is a slideshow of photos of my paintings done between 1981 and 1993 when I ceased painting altogether, became carer for one of my daughters and took to learning to play guitar and keyboard ins...
  • Some fine images in there Martin ... nice job mate!! Music is great of course!:)) A very worthy project to be involved in too:)

    Dark Skies

    A Tribute To Brecon Beacons
  • Bravo maestros!!:)))

    the watch: get'em out by friday - genesis tribute band.m4v

    Absolutely fabulous! Real prog-rock musicians. Crossroads ROMA 6/2/2010
  • Another fine collection of sounds for the Fusion here Klaus ... like the vid too btw :-)

    All the best for 2013 my friend.

    Fusion Dreamscapes by kpr

    Fusion Dreamscapes by kpr, a sound library for Alesis Fusion. Created by Klaus P. Rausch, available from Back In Time Records.
  • Thank you kindly Pierre :))

    Uluru Dreamtime.m4v

    • 2 years ago
    'Uluru Dreamtime' is an attempt to sync images to my latest instrumental piece of the same title for my current World music project uploaded to SoundCloud and this and other of my tunes may be fo...
  • Wow! Really impressive vid Lee! Wishing you every success with the debut album ... top stuff mate!:))

    Ancient Ruins Of Atlantis

    The Ancient Ruins Of Atlantis is an album that will take you on a journey to see the lost city of Atlantis. The music is designed to take you their on a magical adventure of enchantment and explora...
  • Neat film clips Lee ... fits with the new ambient track real well. Love that last section:))

    Lee Lucas Night Mover (Destination Full Moon)

    The final in the series of 4 pieces based around the use of ambient rhodes. This was one goes on a mission to get to its destination in time.

    Ambient Rhodes the 4 track EP is now available here: h...
  • Cool time-lapse footage and my favourite track on the 'Milo's Craving' album ... nice one Klaus:))

    Time Machine

    "Time Machine". Written and performed by Klaus P. Rausch for the Milo's Craving album "The More You Know", 2007.
  • Yeah, I'm definitely a sky-gazer and get lost in the moment quite regularly ... the skies and moods change so quickly here in the Fens and the keys seemed to be the better choice to try and express that particular moment. Thanks Lee my good friend ... glad you liked this one:)

    Lost In A Fenland Sky.m4v

    • 2 years ago
    This vid is a 'remix' of my earlier first attempt at putting together a little slideshow of photos taken by myself out on the Great Fen in Cambridgeshire. It was put together originally for my daug...
  • Thanks Lee ... very much appreciate your kind comment ... glad you liked this one:)

    Exploring Nebulous Regions.m4v

    • 2 years ago
    'Exploring Nebulous Regions' is a slideshow to one of my original instrumental pieces of the same title which can be found with other of my compositions at:

  • Absolutely stunning time-lapse cloud footage. Beautifully synced to the music and I really enjoyed this one from beginning to end. Nice one Lee:))

    Lee Lucas - Celestial Clouds.

    Celestial Clouds is a chilled out piece based around the Rhodes with an ambient feel.
  • Nice one Lee ... the mix of sounds and the time lapse vid reminds me of Philip Glass pieces ... lovely stuff mate:))

    Lee Lucas - Ambient Rhodes.

    Ambient Rhodes is an ambient electronic instrumental piece using a VST patch of a Rhodes, very much an ambient one, and various other ambient VST patches.

    You can find more of my music here: htt...
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