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Ain't Garages Great - Late Night Television Edition

85 views 2 days ago
Some of the most remarkable innovations in the world have come out of American garages. From The birth of flight, to the Cadillac CTS and now Motown Maurice, The Future of Late Night Television. Ain't garages great?

Intro Footage: From the 2014 Cadillac CTS Sedan commercial

By: Motown Maurice
@Motown Maurice

Voice Over by:
Ed Magic

Gaffer/Director of Photography
Chris MS Show less
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SEASON 2: The Late Night Experiment with Motown Maurice Play

Motown Maurice's quest to make late night television history continues and season 2 is vivid proof that there is no stopping him. Watch history unfold right before your eyes. Motown's Late-Night disciples are back and they are taking the campaign to the streets of Hollywood. In a twist, Motown Maurice revisits a very familiar reality television show. This season is full with inspiration and prophecy The Late Night Experiment recreates much of Motown Maurice's actual journey and foreshadows glimpses of the future. Watch, enjoy and share. Together we can make a difference in late night television.

SEASON 1: The Late Night Experiment with Motown Maurice Play

A series of events in late night television has occurred and Motown Maurice is baffled that his name is still not apart of the conversation. Maniacal and focused Motown Maurice is determined to break into late night television. How to break in is still unknown, therefore he creates The Late Night Experiment.
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