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Larry Bundy Jr

The Lost ThunderCats Video Games - Games Yanks Can't Wank

67,933 views 3 weeks ago
In my most in-depth video yet, I take a look at the ThunderCats video game, its (sort of) never released sequels & the story of whatever happened to the NES game.

I spent bleedin' months researching this, talking to programmers, other researchers Etc. so what you see in this video is a lot of information never revealed to the public before, so I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did discovering all these tid-bits!!!

Big big thanks as always to the uber talented Phil Murphy for drawing the title card/sub background:

Frank Gasking at GamesThatWerent.com - for the emails, images and information about the cancelled games:

Alex Greig for letting me uses his 2011 Thundercats remix and opening re-make:

Steve Wilcox at Elite - for all the information he had in regards to the Thundercats games.

John Pickford for the photo of Steve Wilcox.

and Oliver Harper for constantly nagging me to finish this episode :D https://www.youtube.com/use...


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