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Metroid Prime...in Three Minutes

4,365 views 3 months ago
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For some people, Metroid games just have too much labyrinthine travel to understand completely. This video contains everything you'd want to know about Metroid Prime in less than three minutes! Show less
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★ Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Play

Metroid Prime. A game whose freedom of exploration is rivaled only by Super Metroid and Zero Mission. One that, before release, many people thought would suck and would be another installment into the growing pile of first-person shooters with no identity of its own. Or so we thought. And from that came a sequel: Echoes. An arguably harder game that required a more methodical approach with the limited beam ammo and the hazardous Dark Aether. Especially if you went Dark Suit-less like me. And once the series made the jump to the Wii with its third installment, Corruption, the series found controls that were borderline perfect. Lock-on free aiming that was surprisingly precise, a bit more emphasis on combat, it seemed like this was the game that was destined to be the most enjoyable entry into the series for me...

Then came the Trilogy. The single-greatest value that the Wii had to offer, and one of the greatest collections the gaming world had ever seen. Not only did you have all three games on one content-packed disc, not only were they given a slight graphical upscaling, but Prime and Echoes got the sweetest end of the deal: all of the motion aiming with none of the gimmicks that slightly plagued Corruption.

★ Metroid Other M Play

You wanted Metroid? Done. You wanted rage? Done. Sit back on this ride of a game which is marred by rehashed plot elements, boring Hollywood Cliches, abhorrent scriptwriting and voice acting, blatant disregard for previous attempts the series has made to characterize Samus, laborious flashbacks amid nauseating, unskippable cutscenes, forgettable boss encounters, an even more forgettable soundtrack, and gameplay which, while functional, is cursed by poor controls and is overhyped by the game's defenders. Let's Spite Metroid Other M!

★ Metroid Fusion Play

I guess it's been a long-time coming to finally play through this game. Although I've been asked about it literally over 1000 times, I think the reason I hesitated is how much Other M borrows from this game, and since I hate Other M, I feared it would sour my opinion of this game by association.

Still, this is definitely a good Metroid title, although for different reasons than Super and Prime. Where those games deliver iconic environments and almost free-flowing exploration, Fusion gives us a more vulnerable Samus. The environments are tighter, more claustrophobic, the soundtrack, while not as memorable as the other two games, can really set the mood for the narrative, and the SA-X is literally the best thing about this game. It's like you're Sarah Connor being hunted by a Terminator in this facility, and although now I know it's impossible from a technical perspective, when I played it years back I would be fearful that the SA-X would randomly pop out of one of the doors in a room and give chase. If ever a Metroid game tried to set foot into the realm of survival horror, it'd be this game on steroids. Without the Navigation Rooms. Without the stupid computer CO Adam...and please, without the stupid conspiracy storyline that Other M recycled.

★ Metroid Prime Play

The first title of Metroid's leap into a whole new genre. The First-Person Adventure, Metroid Prime comes home to the Wii as it was meant to be played as the first, and my personal favorite, of the Metroid Prime Trilogy.

★ Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Play

We now embark on the second installment of the Metroid Prime Trilogy. Echoes is sometimes considered inferior to the original because of the Ammo System, Dark World, ridiculous amount of scans, etc. However, it's still an excellent game that definitely belongs on the Gamecube's top ten any day. And now that it's on the Wii, it's all the better.

★Legend of Zelda Timeline Theory Play

Several thoughts about the Zelda series, and my attempt to bind the series together in a way that makes sense to me. I invite responses, text and video, from anyone who wishes to discuss this subject.

★ Super Metroid 100% Speed Run w/ Narration Play

This is a three-year old promise, finally done, albeit none of the flashy editing, music, or anything of the like that I envisioned originally. Just a simple and clean speed run through what I consider to be the greatest game ever made, with a legacy that left its mark on the Speed Run community.
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