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LG G2: Meet The Newest Phone in LG's G Series

87,038 views 8 months ago
Introducing the LG G2 phone -- the newest phone in LG's stunning G series. Designed for form and function, the G2 phone is sleek, stylish, and boasts an ultra-slim bezel for near edge-to-edge brilliance.

Crafted to achieve a minimalistic look and superior functionality, the LG G2 features intuitive controls for seamless calling, texting, emailing and browsing. And the rear key placement on the back of the G2 means that you can easily avoid accidental key presses. In addition, it offers a slim, efficient 3,000 milliamp battery so you can go further between charges.

Complementing the LG G2's design are its incredibly crisp, vibrant 5.2-inch, full HD 1080p IPS display with a 16:9 aspect ratio -- for a true cinema experience -- and an ultra-high-definition 13 megapixel camera with advanced optical image stabilization technology.

The newest member of the LG G Series also lets you multi-task like a pro. With Slide Aside and QSlide 2.0, you can seamlessly juggle different apps without closing their windows, and QuickRemote lets you use your G2 phone as a remote control for your home entertainment system. For more details on all that this amazing G Series phone can do, visit LG.com. Show less
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